Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Wild Swans Art Group with Sadaharu Horio from Kobe Japan at the Nyisztor Studios Western Australia

Cynthia Ellis

The Wild Swans Art Group of Lynne Norton, Caspar Fairhall, Duncan Mckay, John Cullinane, Michael Doherty, Connie Petrillo, Diokno Pasilin, Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Chelle Bourne and Kevin Robertson, recent exhibition at Nyisztor Studios in Western Australia included eight artworks from the Japanese avant garde artist Sadaharu Horio who generously contributed to the exhibition thank you Horio.

Its not often the Wild Swans exhibit back in their home state of Western Australia, so it was good to return to the place of its origins as the group has been very well received in Japan, Kuching Malaysia and more recently at the Australian High Commission Singapore. Further more to all those who came to the exhibition many thanks and special thanks to Ron Nyisztor for the hanging of the artworks.

Sadaharu Horio 

 Caspar Fairhall

Michael Doherty

Duncan Mckay

 Michelle Bourne Diokno Pasalin and Connie Petrillo

 John Cullinane

Kevin Robertson

Monday, 2 October 2017

Wild Swans Art Group at The Australian High Commission Singapore

The Wild Swans Art Group Exhibition  at The Australian High Commssion Singapore Dr Peter Davidson with  Ms Kate Duff Australia’s Deputy High Commissioner to Singapore.

Many thanks to all the those  who visited
 The Wild Swans Art Group Exhibition 
The Australian High Commission Singapore 

Visitor on the last day 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Here are some of the Artworks on show at Nyisztor Studio
Sadaharu Horio and Michael Doherty on the far wall
John Cullinane
Kevin Robertson
Chelle Bourne
Cynthia Ellis
Diokno Pasilan

Caspar Fairhall

Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Wild Swans Art Group News

End of Summer exhibition

The Wild Swans Art Group from Western Australia and friends 

will open soon at 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi

Due to the extreme heat in Japan and as the Art Space has no air conditioning or electricity the gallery will only open when it is cool enough, so if you see the door open please come in, thank you.

Unfortunately the heat is still extreme I will try and open the gallery in the morning now before midday thank you 24/8/2017 


The Wild Swans Art Group
Western Australia

 Duncan McKay, Connie Petrillo Caspar Fairhall, Kevin Robertson,
Cynthia Ellis, Peter Davidson, Michael Doherty, John Cullinane,
 Chelle Bourne, Lynne Norton and Diokno Pasilan

Invite you to their exhibition
At the
The Australian High Commission Singapore
25 Napier Road, Singapore 258507
5th of September 10.30 am to 12 pm

 Michelle Bourne 
Textural Study 2017  
acrylic on paper 
40cm.2 h cm x 33 cm w x 1.5 cm d

Cynthia Elliss   
Singapore Gardens 2017
gouache and water colour on archival paper
 80cm h x 100 cm w

 Duncan Mckay 
Noughts and Crosses 2017 
water based enamel on canvas
100 cm h x 100 cm w

Peter Davidson 
Ume Tree (Plum) Omomuki (warm feeling) 2017
pastel on brown paper 
120 cm h x 67 cm w

Down on his Luck
Australian High Commission Singapore

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Wild Swans Art Group are now preparing for The Australian High Commission Singapore Exhibition

Kangeroo Paws 2016
Lynne Norton
acrylic on paper
18cm h x 18cm w

The beauty and colour of Western Australian wildflowers inspired these paintings to incorporate design elements rather than as seen in the landscape 

Lynne Norton 2017

The Wild Swans Art Group are now preparing for The Australian High Commission Singapore exhibition to be held in the Atrium from the 4th of Semptember through to the 26th, Monday to Friday between 8.30 - 4pm.

The above artwork of Kangeroo Paws is by Lynne Norton, the red and green Kangeroo Paws are a unique flower only to Western Australia and serves as the states floral emblem. It flowers in  spring and summer. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Wild Swans Art Group will be exhibiting in the Gutai meets Western Australian exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space Akashi

Currently there is a exhibition about to open in 2 Dogs Art Space that contains the works of The Wild Swans Art Group on show. The exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space is titled Gutai meets Western Australian it acknowledges the friendship between the two communities and how in Japan that relationship developed with groups exhibiting and performing, learning from each other.

For example, here is a link to Sadaharu Horio performing with Martine Hiene and David Bromfield at Atiler 2001 under the Kobe railway line in 2012;

I have been going to events dinners with the Gutai members since 2006 so its well over a decade now members of the groups have been interacting from these sister states being Hyogo prefecture and Western Australia there for we look forward to this exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space. 

Article by Peter Davidson who is in the exhibition

Friday, 14 April 2017

News From the Wild Swans Art Group

 Sadaharu Horio  has given eight artworks to be exhibited  with the Wild Swans Art Group at Ron Nyisztor Studios in Perth in September 2017 .

Sadaharu Horio hails from Kobe was a member of the renowned Gutai Art Movement has exhibited at the Yokohama International Triennial of Contemporary Art, Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York The Armory Art fair in 2017, Hong Kong Basel 2017. 

links to Sadaharu Horio 

Peter Davidson 

Will be having a one day lighting exhibition at 2 Dogs Art Space, Akashi Japan 15 of his artworks will be from the 100 views of Mount Fuji from the same spot and 10 pastels on paper from another view of Mount Fuji

Link to Peter Davidson's artworks  2 Dogs Art Space:

Cynthia Ellis

The Other Art Fair Melbourne

Contact me

for complimentary tickets to the event.

Diokno Pasilan
Will be participating in an art exhibition in Taiwan

titled: Vessel

Curator: Patrick D. Flores
Artists: Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Mark Justiniani , Henrielle Pagkaliwangan, Diokno Pasilan, Veejay Villafranca , Teng Chao-Ming

Details below